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  1. One true copy of the educational certificates & testimonials (if any) must be attached with the applications. Originals should NOT be forwarded but must be produced later, if required. If originals are lost, applicants should obtain authenticated duplicates/certified true copies from the issuing authorities. All attachments must bear the applicant's name.
  2. False particulars or wilful suppression of material facts will render the applicant liable to disqualification, or - if appointed - to dismissal and/or appropriate legal proceedings.
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1. Have you been/are you suffering from any medical condition(s)/disabilities or have any recurring medical conditions.  Yes  No
2. Have you ever been arrested/convicted in court or currently involved in a court case?  Yes  No
3. Have you been charged with any offence in a court of law in any country for which the outcome?  Yes  No
4. Have you been/are you under any financial embarrassment i.e
(a) an undischarged bankrupt,
(b) a judgement debtor,
(c) have unsecured debts and liabilities of more than 3 months of last drawn pay,
(d) have signed a promissory note of an acknowlegement of indebtness
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5. Have you ever been discharged or dismissed from any employer?  Yes  No
6. Have you ever been in employment of the Singapore Civil Service/any Statutory Board in Singapore?  Yes  No
7. Have you ever broken any bond (e.g. to serve the Government, any Statutory Body/Organization, bonds associated with scholarships or training awards)  Yes  No
8. Do you possess your own transport? (Please state type of transport and class type)  Yes  No
9. Do you suffer from any pre-existing injury or illness or medical condition that could affect the nature of your proposed employment?
Explanatory Notes:
• "Existing" is a condition for which treatment is still being received.
• "Pre-existing” is where an injury or condition is present but treatment is not required.
 Yes  No
Should you answer "Yes" to any of Q1 to Q9, please provide further details/document to your situations(s)
  1. I hereby give my consent for Educare Co-operative Limited & Educare Human Capital Pte Ltd (collectively the Educare) to obtain and verify information from/with source, as it deems appropriate for the assessment of my application for employment.
  2. I declare that the information in this application for employment and any sheets attached hereto are true to the best of my knowledge and I have not wilfully suppressed any material fact. I accept that if any information given in/with this application is in any way false or incorrect, I may be disqualified from employment or dismissed from service.
  3. On Obligations  of Educare Under Personal Data Protection Act
    I hereby confirm that by completing and submitting this online or physical Job Application Form to Educare, I am deemed to have:
    •  granted my consent to Educare, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Personal Data Protection Act”,   for  collecting, disclosing  and using of my personal data provided herein;
    •  been notified by Educare that the personal data hereby provided  is for purposes in connection with  the facilitation of  my employment with either Educare or with any other potential employer.”